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About Kara

Hi there,

I'm a musical theatre performer, producer and singing teacher located in Ocean Grove on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. 

My love for the performing arts began at a very young age with my parents taking me to theatre and music performances from the time I could walk. 


I started singing, dancing and playing piano from the age of four, participating in countless performances throughout my childhood. This eventually lead me to completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Musical Theatre) from The University of Melbourne's Victorian College of the Arts. Since graduating I have performed, produced and built my own successful singing teaching business 'Willow Studios'.

Throughout my producing, performing and teaching my aim is always to share my love of music and theatre with as many people as possible.

As a child, going to theatre always gave me a real sense of belonging. It gave me an understanding that others feel the way I do, that I'm not alone. To this day it inspires me to find the courage to be my true self.

Seeing someone stand tall onstage, fully embracing who they are, is so inspiring and moving. I want to give that feeling to as many people as possible through my work as a producer, performer and teacher.


Standing on stage is scary. Standing tall on stage requires great courage and strength. My aim is to pass on this courage and strength to every student and audience member. The feeling of “you are enough”, because we all are.

View my performance credits here

About Kara
Feels Like HomeCover by Kara
00:00 / 04:41
No One Is AloneCover by Kara
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I Have NothingCover by Kara
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Always True To YouCover by Kara
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You Will Be Found - Highlights

You Will Be Found - Highlights

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Performance Credits

View Kara's performance credits here

Performance Credits

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